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Well looks like I’ve got the blogging bug now that I have my website all set up, which is good really as I should blog a lot more than I have done in the past. As I’ve said I want to be informative and help out other photographer’s models and anyone who has an interest in what I do. So with this in mind this blog is about my studio and the equipment I have at my disposal in order to take the images that end up here or on my facebook page .

I took over my studio just over a year ago on the 5th of November. It’s a small but fully functional professionally equipped studio on Liverpool Road, Widnes. Before I took it over I did all my studio shoots in my front room at home, this was great but a little restricting in the setups I could do and the type of images I could take. In my home I could only manage pure white background type images, which is fine for most of my stock work but I was trained in loads of different lighting setups and wanted to take these types of images and also be able to experiment a little with my setups. It would have been fine if I’m the type of photographer whose happy taking the same images day in day out and to be totally honest it’s probably what the general public like for family, children and stick on a canvas type images, you only have to look at images from the likes of Venture. These are fine but I’m more of a photographer than an industry.

So what is in my studio then? , well lighting wise it’s mostly Bowens 500w units which I have four of, I have three 500 Gemini R’s and one 500 Gemini Classic all of which can also be used outdoors with my Bowens Travel Pac unit. To fire these lights I have the Bowens Pulsar wireless trigger system. In addition to these Bowens units I also have two 300w interfit units, and two 400w units from a great UK company Bessel. I also have three more wireless triggers, which I use when using different lighting setups. To add to these lights I also have a Lencarta 600w Safari Ring Flash which can also be on location as it runs off the Lencarta 600 battery pack.

My background system is the Manfrotto auto pole system which in my eyes is one of the best background systems out there at the moment. It’s so easy to change backgrounds and although I don’t have the height to have three background rolls on the system at the same time it’s still only a matter of minutes for me to change back ground rolls. I have all the usual light modifiers, soft boxes of all sizes, beauty dish’s, grids, barn doors, gels, snoots and a lot more!  Three of my flash units are mounted on wall booms which saves a lot of room on the studio floor, two more are on the Auto poles to give a little highlight on low key images (this also saves a lot of floor space).

In the room were all my models get changed and have their makeup done I have all my props far too many to say here but here’s just a few, retro microphone, two guitars, big box of hats, old retro telephone, laptop, mobile phones, hard hat, old 45rpm records, gift bags, loads of sweets J, sunglasses, normal glasses and loads more !

Oh and almost forgot a toilet and tea and coffee, even cakes if you’re luckyJ. Here are some images.


Happy Snapping


Studio floor space and a few props and bits


Set up for head/beauty shot

One still life setup

Another from my open day

Taken on my open day

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