“Widnes a Northern Town” Warren Millar Photography Project

Project Warren Millar Photography.

“Widnes a Northern Town”

Widnes people we need you !


Aim: - To capture/document Widnes life. People of Widnes showing what it’s like living/working/playing in this town. Un-posed images/portraits at home/studio, in work, at play, at special events and occasions that would mean something to Widnes as a whole.

I will be looking for families/couples/single people to work with, shooting them in their normal everyday life and doing what they do at home, on location, at work, or play and in their leisure time. Locations must be in Widnes and subjects must live in Widnes. I would want to work with such people during the full length of the project as and when any good photographic opportunities arrive so would be a very flexible project as far as time and dates are concerned. Also well-known established Widnes organisations and groups and sports people where I could photograph behind the scenes

Images and events.

For more information and if you’re interested in taking part please get in touch with me via my email address below. Also looking for well-known Widnes Characters (or with strong connections to Widnes) and people for studio portraits which will also be part of the project. I will be starting the project later this year and it will be running for most of 2015 so I get as many images as I can. Looking for people and families who will be confident and happy in front of the lens.  

My aim if I can get the funding will be to hold an exhibition in venues in the area and show off some of the best images I manage to capture. So I am also looking for funding and or Sponsorship for the cost of frames and printing. If you are interested in this please mail me at the below email address 

You may also see me out and about in and around Widnes snapping away, please come over and say hi and if you’re up for it ask me to photograph you J


Warren Millar Photography.

Email ~ [email protected]

Here’s a few ideas of the type of images I will be after

Dancing in the seats :-)

That sweet sherry goes straight to your head :-)

Nice pink beard :-)



Victoria Park Widnes

Recording studio

Feeding time

Chocolate lunch

And relax

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