Fuji in the studio

A few weeks back Adam (my son) and I paid a visit to Jim Moody’s (Bluethumb Photography) studio. the aim of this really was to see how the Fuji XT-1 performed in the studio and also for Adam to get some nice portraits for his Uni Portfolio.

We were lucky to also have Fuji X Photographer and good friend Matt Hart turn up. Jim, Matt and my self go back a few years now and when ever we get together we always have a good time (usually in the press pit at Africa Oye and LIMF)

I have to say here and now that the images here where all taken by Adam using my XT-1, which I cant seem to get out of his grubby little hands just now as he also loves this camera just as much as I do.

I set up one of my fave lighting setups and Adam took some meter readings and off he went snapping us inbetween all the joking and messing about. The Fuji X cameras really are all round great cameras for studio work. Ive been back to Jims studio to take some shots of a singer song writer I know (maybe more of that shoot in a later blog) and also have it booked again for another shoot with a singer song writer in a few weeks time and can’t wait to get the Fuji working again in a studio setting …….. It Rocks !!

Heres a few of Adams shots from the day :-)

Happy Snapping



Messing about !

Messing about !










Honest Matts not Grumpy, most of the time !

Honest Matts not Grumpy, most of the time !










Three Fuji Photographers

Three Fuji Photographers









Jim .... or is it Slash ?

Jim …. or is it Slash ?










Really like this one ... Well done Adam :-)

Really like this one … Well done Adam :-)






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