Another great weekend, The festival season starts

So last weekend Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th June was quite busy. Saturday I was covering the annual Halton Rocks for The Studio. This is always a great night and one I always look forward to with some amazing local bands and talent. It always nice to bump into and chat to some of my very good friends in the local music scene in Halton (Widnes and Runcorn)

Its nice to see the local music scene alive and kicking in Widnes and one I will always support when ever I can. Its where the big stars started and people need to remember this and get out and not only go to the big gigs but support local bands and music venues.

Then the next day I had arranged to meet up with a few people from my photography class at The International Mesey River Festival but due to reasons beyond my control this didn’t happen and at this point I have to say a big thanks to Terry Hindle who messaged me on the Saturday night to tell me he had left a press pass for me at the main stage for The Sunday. I also knew that both my good friends and fellow Fuji shooters Jim Moody and Richard Waine would be with me in the pit. Also as a bonus “The Real Thing” and the one and only Billy Ocean. The day was a very hot one but the three of us had a great time what with the banter, music and the photography.

On the Sunday although quite a few photographers were in the pit it was just Jim Richard and myself shooting Fuji. I look at this as a good thing if im honest because I like to keep a good thing to myself and the good friends. I’m quite new (in relative terms) to the Fuji X system but since moving over I have never looked back. I love the system even more so than my last Full Frame system. I have heard other photographers say such things as “Toy Cameras” or “Not really pro gear” and the like. Well all I can say to that is that anyone who says this really knows nothing about photography and the fact that the camera and system is a tool and tools that have to be used by a craftsman who knows what he wants and can use the tools he deems the right tools to get the job done.

So the longer other so called photographers shun and dismiss this great system the better in my eyes and the longer they are missing out on the joys of discovering real photography again.

Here’s a few from the weekend

Happy Snapping.



Halton Rocks 2016 starts


























Laura, Claire and Annie










The Sundowners














International Mersey River Festival, Mutant Vinyl













Terri Walker













The Real Thing











Billy Ocean












Billy Ocean









Jim and myself chill in the VIP Tent, well Fuji shooters are VIP’s












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