From the day in the mid 1970’s when Warren first picked up a camera he has been amazed and inspired by the whole world of Photography. It was fun to Warren then and still is to this very day. His photographic career has been varied and wide spread.

After taking pictures mainly for fun and friends during the 70s, in 1986 Warren saw an ad in the local paper for a new civilian post as a Police photographer and Scenes of Crime officer with the Cheshire Constabulary which he applied for and due to the fact that he bored the interviewers silly with his then expanding portfolio he got the job. He was trained as a Police Photographer and Scenes of Crime officer at the then centre of excellence in Crook (apt name!!) Co Durham.

He worked six years with the Cheshire Constabulary photographing and collecting evidence from all types of crime scenes from Murders to thefts. In 1992 with his wife Patsy he moved to Gloucestershire Constabulary where he worked In Cheltenham for 8 years. He was with the force during the Fred West investigation and did have a small involvement in that case. In 2001 he moved back up north and worked at both the Lancashire Constabulary and British Transport Police.

2006 was a big turning point as he had to give up police photography to look after his wife who had been ill with M.S. since the 1980s but had now got a lot worse. He always tried to keep up to date with photography but during the years from 2006 to 2008 he didn’t do that much work.

In September 2009 Patsy his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and sadly passed away In October that same year. Since that date Warren has gone head first into his love for Studio photography and lighting he specialises in high quality studio portraits, model portfolios, product photography and commercial work, as well as his ever growing wedding photography. He is a perfectionist when it comes to lighting (studio or natural outdoors) and this he puts down to his training as a police photographer all those years ago  were the photographs that were taken, were at the end of the day, like any other evidence and had to be right.

His work has been published worldwide thanks to his ever increasing portfolio with some of the biggest Micro stock libraries. Also published in the major photographic magazines such as “Professional Photographer” “Photography Monthly” “Digital Photographer” “N-Photo” and more.
Warren uses Nikon Full Frame cameras and lenses in order to deliver the best possible results from any job he has to undertake.

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