Sunny Sunday at Victoria Park

Last Sunday I was at Victoria Park with the Access All Areas gang for their “Our Big Gig” event. What a great day this turned out to be, the weather was boiling hot and with about 500+ people there to watch and listen to the music it all made for a very successful afternoon in the summer sun.

The event was put on by the work experience guys who for the week before were working down at The Studio and they really did themselves proud, well done guys. I managed to get some great images not just of the acts and performers but also the crowd who seemed to have a great day out.

Some of the acts performing were Nadine McGhee and Junior, James Swift, Reece and Tom, Outside the Day (Dylan), Greg Oldfield and also The Halton Ukelele Band and Greenhalls Brass Band.

All in all was a great day and would just like to say here that I love being part of the team at Access All Areas and The Studio and im really enjoying my work with such a wonderful gang of talented people.

Happy Snapping



A.A.A setting up







James Swift









Outside the Day









Well it was very hot !! :-)







Louise and some fans :-)







That sweet sherry goes straight to your head :-)


























Halton Ukelele Band






Dancing in the seats :-)

























Greg Oldfield









Greenhalls Brass Band







The people who made such a great day happen :-)









And a full page picture special in the Weekly News :-)




Africa Oye 2013

Well what can I say about Africa Oye weekend ….. I know “Bloody Fantastic!” . It’s a free weekend festival of African culture and music which is held annually at Sefton Park Liverpool and I was lucky enough to get a press pass to this year’s event. I must say a big big thanks to Matt Hart for not only letting me know about this event but also his assistance in getting the pass. You must take a look at Matts work (just click on his name above) his monochrome work is truly outstanding.

Africa Oye is one of those festivals you see and think that would be good but never actually get up and go. Well you must, Fridley, happy and colourful people are all over the place and as I say it’s not just music its culture as well from food to clothes and it’s FREE !!. What more can you ask.

I spent most of my time resisting the urge to put the camera down and dance (which is usually not like me !!) here’s some images from what proved to be one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. Big thanks to Matt and Jo for keeping me company in the press pit, to all the bands and sellers who were there and of course to all the staff of Africa Oye who were so so helpful and friendly.

Rebecca female backing singer for Atongo Zimba










Yabba Funk








Yaaba Funk




















True Blue :-)










Nice pink beard :-)










Having family fun










Base Player









Picnic in the sun









Bongo guy with Zong Zing All stars








Zong Zing All Stars










Crowd scene








Lets dance :-)



















Opening Night

Just a real quick blog here to thank all the great people who came to the opening night of my Exhibition at The Studio On Friday night. I really enjoyed the night and sorry if I didn’t talk to everyone but rest assured your attendance was noted and in future if you want support in any projects you undertake I will try 100% to be there or support you.
Big special thanks to Louise and all the great staff and helpers at The Studio for allowing me to put this on. Also to David Jimenez-Hughes for traveling from Stoke and entertaining everyone with his fantastic guitar playing through the night. Also special thanks to my good photographer friend Matt Hart for taking images during the evening, please go take a look at his work which is outstanding.
So thanks again all who turned up, but if you didn’t , please do pop into “The Studio” as my images will be up until the 13th July. Also if you manage this please sign the comments/visitors book so I know you have been.
Thanks everyone for your support
Happy Snapping

The back wall ready








Ready for visitors








Chatting to Vicky image by Matt Hart









David playing image by Matt Hart











Chatting to old friends Tina and John image by Matt Hart








Some really nice comments image by Matt Hart








My self and Vicky, Jo Jo at the bar spellbound by Davids playing, image by Matt Hart









Fantastic monochrome image of Davids style here by the one and only Matt Hart









So far so good

Been very busy the last few weeks getting images ready for my Exhibition on the 7th June till 13 July at “The Studio” Lacey Street, Widnes.

Big thanks to Tesco Widnes for helping out, and also Mike at Evolutionay Images for the lend of his Logan Matt cutter. A lot of the images are now framed and ready and are looking good, some of the images will just be mounted and some will just be prints and most of the images on display will be from gigs I have attended at The Studio, so a lot of local bands will be featured. Also I hope to have a few other images displayed so will be worth a visit. If you can’t make the opening night please pop in The Studio and take a quick look and don’t forget to sign the visitors book and leave comments (good or bad, I have very think skin!!)

Any way here’s a little taste of how things are going so far and I hope to see as many of my friends there on the 7th June 7pm.

Happy Snapping


“Be There” :-)


Few 10x8s

Still working on the images :-)

Couple of 20×16′s

Big Poster and a few prints


Halton does Rock !! (Halton Rocks 2013)

Another great night at The Studio last Saturday 11th May 2013. This was the annual Halton Rocks gig which I covered for The Studio.

Here is a list of the acts involved with links.

Outside the Day


Junior with Nadine Mcghee

Masters of the Radio

Tricia McTeague


Sarah Whitfield


Ali Ingle

The Sonic Revolvers

Well done to Si Owens for putting on such a great event and all the people who helped.

Here’s a few images (some can been seen in the Weekly News as well)

For all you photographers they were all taken on my Nikon D3s using my 24-70 f2.8 and my 70-200 f2.8 VRII at iso speeds of between 6400 and 12000iso !

Happy Snapping



Sarah Whitfield


Outside The Day

Tricia McTeague


Ali Ingle

The Sonic Revolvers

Junior and Nadine Mcghee

Masters Of The Radio

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