Only Me !!

Well I’m totally gobsmacked! Not just because I have just received news that one of my images has come second in an assignment for stock photographers worldwide with Dreamstime  but because the image in question is an image of me !

Dreamstime is one of the stock agencies I supply image to and they hold “Assignments” for all their photographers from all over the world every now and then. I happened to notice this assignment come up and thought “oh what the hell I’ll give it a go”. The assignment was for a self-portrait and I knew I had one that I liked and had taken quite a while ago in my studio when I was messing about with a ring flash.

Anyway I entered it and was more than happy even when it got accepted! I just left it there and to be totally honest forgot all about it thinking it wouldn’t stand a chance against some really great stock photographers.

I was to say the least so pleased when I found out it had taken second prize, without me pimping or asking for votes.

Any way here’s the image; sorry it’s not a beautiful woman or sexy hunk of a guy, just me!


Happy Snapping



Me in a hole !!












Royalty Free Images

Do images lie?……… Oh yes they do

Did I survive this angry young thug ?













Well ok take a look at this image, what do you think?. Yeah I know you’re thinking it’s a set up shot but honestly it’s not, this was taken as it happened I didn’t ask this lad to pull this face, it was a reaction he just did.

Now you’re asking yourself why ? , is he a hooligan who I upset?, is he looking for a fight?, did I survive and still got all my camera gear in one piece?.

Well in answer to all the questions that this image provokes, yes I am still here and I was lucky to get this shot as I was in fits laughing as I was taking it.

This is Scott, one of the nicest and funniest young lads you could ever meet, and was taken at a fund raising event on Bank Holiday Monday for “The Brightest Star” which was set up after the tragic death of Lewis Edge a 14 year old West Bank, Widnes lad who Scott (as well as my son Adam and all the kids down here where I live) knew and were best friends with.

And now you’re asking, so why is Scott looking so angry ?. Well Scott was having his legs waxed as I was taking photographs of him, and it did look very painful

Can I just also add that Scott went on to get his armpits also waxed all to raise money for this very worthy cause. And the whole community here where I live in West Bank, Widnes proved to everybody what a great place West Bank is to live. WELL DONE TO ALL

So YES images can lie, but sometimes for the better.


Happy Snapping


Back at New Brighton

Sunday (19th August) saw me back at one of my favourite locations again, New Brighton, on the Wirral. I had arranged a shoot with Donna O’Connor We had planned to do a Wedding dress shoot with two models who Donna knows and as an added bonus they are a real couple which I knew would help.

I got to the location about half an hour before we had arranged to meet just to see if the tide was in or out, as it turned out the tide was in but we still had quite a bit of beach to work with. Unfortunately it was raining quite hard.

I think I must have been a good boy last week because just as Donna arrived with Livius and his lovely girlfriend all ready and makeup done, the rain stopped!

We shot in and around the Castle at New Brighton and also on the beach here’s a few from the day, and for all those interested I used my Nikon D3s and used a ring flash to add a bit of “POP” to the images as it was a very dull day. Also used my 28-70 Nikkor f2.8 lens for most of the shots except the last few were I used my 70-200 Nikkor f2.8 VRII.

Photography … Warren Millar

Makeup …. Donna O’Connor

Dress ….. Nikki Grue  “The One Special Occasion Garments”


Happy Snapping























































First one in a long time

Last Saturday the 7th of July 2012 I had the extreme pleasure of second shooting the wedding of Katie and Matt With the very talented Andrea Ellison Photography and at Salford Cathedral for the service and Manchester Town Hall for the reception, two fantastic locations.

Andrea contacted me months ago about this and as you are all probably aware I don’t really do weddings but on this occasion and the fact that I would be working alongside a photographer who I rate very highly in her field I just could not resist.

I was a little worried at first as I haven’t done any wedding photography for a very long time, in fact the last wedding I did was Andreas Brother in laws wedding Tina and John Ellison way back in the days of film and with my trusty Bronica ETRS medium format film camera, how ironic is that!

At the groom’s house



I was met by Matt and a nice cupper upon my arrival and even offered a bacon butty by Matts mum, lots of people all looking forward to the day ahead and busy getting ready although I must say Matt seemed the coolest person there. I managed to get some formal and not so formal shots at Matts and then before I knew what was happening I was in one of the wedding cars on the way to Salford Cathedral.

Arival at Salford cathedral



Once at the cathedral I placed my gear at the back of the church and checked the lighting which was quite good in fact so with my 70-200 f2.8 on my D3s and shooting at 800-1600 iso it looked like I was going to get the shots I wanted. As we waited for Katie to arrive I took a few images of the Cathedral and guests arriving.


Waiting for Katie


Once Katie had arrived, with a great look on Matts face as she did, I got into a great place for me to take some images during the service and for the first time that day saw Andrea snapping away towards the back of the church.

Katie and Matt at the church

Katie and Matt at the church



In the church


With the service over and Andrea sorting out all the guests for the formal group shots I jumped into the first coach for the reception at Manchester Town Hall (I’m not daft !!)  Wow what a place this is as you walk in you think (well as a photographer you do anyway) no way will I be able to get any good images here without the help from flash but how wrong was I. With really big roof lights and amazing stone pillars and wood panelling this place is fantastic (wonders if they would allow me to take a model in there?) Its times like this I really do appreciate using full frame Nikon pro gear and lenses.

Reception at Manchester Town Hall



I was quite sad to have to leave early to get home and see to my son, I really wanted to stay for the whole day and get some more images. Thank you Andrea Ellison photography for ask asking me to second shoot at this most beautiful wedding, think you have given me the bug again after so many years,  and I wish Katie and Matt all the very best in their future life together. Keep an eye out in the future for “Warren Millar Photography” Weddings lol



Happy Snapping


Art Nude / Bodyscape

Last Friday (29th June) I had the pleasure of Sophie in my studio again, after our body paint shoot the other week we had talked about doing an art nude/ bodyscape shoot. So we both arranged to shoot last Friday.

Sophie arrived at the studio nice and early so after a cupper and a chat we set to work. I wanted a low key lighting set up for these shots especially the body scape shots which I think I managed to get right. Sophie was, as ever, very professional and also came up with some great poses and ideas for the shoot.

If you’re a model with a great looking body I want to do more of these type of shoots so please do get in touch if you’re confident and feel at ease in front of the camera nude, the bodyscape type images are what I want to do more of sort of abstract beauty showing the human form from a different perspective.

Enjoy a few images

Happy Snapping


Monochrome bodyscape












Nice abstract shape here












You cant beat the human body for great shapes









Another nice bodyscape









Love the way Sophies arms and hands frame this shot









Used a bit of water spray here :-)












Monochrome backside :-)

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